In Zego chat, there are three channels - Property Announcements, [Your Property Name] Management, and [Your unit name/number] Residents.

Property Announcements

This is a read-only channel where you will receive property-wide alerts and announcements from your management staff. If you do not have the Zego app installed, you will receive a text notification instead.

[Your property name] Management

This channel allows you to chat with member of your property management team. It’s a one-to-one channel, so your messages will only be visible to management staff and you.

[Your unit name/number] Residents

This channels allows you to chat with members of your property management team as well as other residents of your apartment if they have Zego setup. The advantage of this channel vs chatting directly with the management staff in the [Your property name] Management channel is that other residents can see the whole conversation (e.g. “when will someone be home for us to come repair the sink?” - any resident can respond).

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