Now that you have Zego Home set up and connected to Amazon Alexa. It's time to combine the two. If Zego and Alexa are not set up go back to this article.

First, open the side menu and select Routines.

Once in the routines menu, you'll select the + icon in the top right corner. 

In following, you will be able to select the When This Happens, and then choose how to trigger the Routine.  You have two options between Voice or Schedule

  • Voice is the ability of saying a phrase to Alexa to start an action. 

  • Schedule is where an action would occur for the time you have set. 

The next step after choosing Voice or Schedule is the Action itself.  In the add action step, you have the ability to determine what action you want to take place. Some of these actions are Music, News, Smart Home, Traffic, and Weather.  Once you have, determine what actions you want to do the last step is to create. 

Here's an example of a routine I use myself:

  • Trigger - "Alexa, start my day."

  • Action - 1. Turn on the lights. 2. Set my thermostat to 72F (it's easier to get out of bed when it's warm...). 3. Tell me the weather.

Deleting Routines

To delete a routine, you will need to be in the routine you are looking to delete.  Go the top right of the screen where you see the three dots and that will give you the option to either delete or play routine. 

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