Yes, you can use Zego without Wifi. We recommend you connect your hub to your modem/router if you have wifi available, though, as it will be much faster. 

How to Connect? 

The Zego hub has a cellular backup connection that will allow it to run without a local internet connection (in case of power or internet outages), but it is not to designed to operate on this backup connection long-term. In order for the app to perform correctly, the hub should be connected to a local internet connection via the ethernet port on the back of the hub.

To ensure that your hub has a good internet connection, please make sure that it is connected via an ethernet cable to either your router or the modem provider by your internet service provider (Spectrum, AT&T, etc). There should have been a white ethernet cable supplied with your hub when you first moved in.

No Ethernet Cable or WiFi?

If you do not have an ethernet cable with your hub, or you do not have a local internet connection available, please contact us at with your name, unit number, and property name.

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