The Resident Portal tab is the "home base" for many of the administrative tasks the come with being a resident. Depending on what property you are a resident of, you can do such things as:

  • Pay rent: Clicking the "Pay rent" card in the Portal will redirect you to a portal for managing and completing payments for your property. The portal may vary by property.
  • View balance: on the bottom of the "Pay rent" card, you will see your current balance. If that number is RED, you have an overdue balance. 
  • Submit and track maintenance requests:  you can see a count of "Currently Open" work orders under the "Request Maintenance" card. If you click the card, you can see the History of work orders to see when it was submitted or closed.
  • Amenity Reservations: If your property has amenities that can be reserved by residents, you can see the information for reserving an amenity by clicking this card.
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