When Zego creates your user account, we pull in your existing contact information from your property managers current software. If you have activated your Zego account and you see that your account's first name or last name is not correct, typically it is due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your first name or last name is incorrect in your property manager's database. Once the name has been updated, the change will be reflected in Zego in 6-12 hours.
  • Your email is shared between several accounts. If your property manager uses your email for you, your siblings, and your parents or children, only one of you can actually activate their account. This is because we can't allow email sharing across accounts in Zego (e.g., what if someone moved out and then logged in with your account to see the current lock codes). If this is the case, your property manager should check to make sure that the email for your account is not simultaneously being used elsewhere.
  • Your email is invalid. If you have an invalid email in your property manager's database, we'll try to create your account but you will never receive your activation email.

To summarize: if you haven't received your activation email yet and you are a current or future resident that should have an account, contact your property management team to ensure it's not an error in their system.

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